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How will you address Austin’s housing shortage? What regulations will you change to allow more housing where people want to live?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

I’m under no illusion that I might be able to alter policy in a vacuum and am very clear that any types of “silver bullet” type ideas will certainly be morphed by requisite consensus building and compromise:

  • I support Austin’s Strategic Housing Blueprint and will do my best to formulate policy to achieve its goals through the lens of District 3.
  • I support immediate development of affordable housing units on publicly identified and available city-owned sites.
  • I support policy that is always founded on the premise that 30% of gross income is the maximum that should be spent on housing costs, and that all working or retired/fixed income households should have the right to achieve affordability through that paradigm
  • I’d like to see the land development code expediently (though not rushed) redeveloped to create additional frameworks for density (e.g. ADU’s, multifamily) where appropriate and sanctioned by local residents, businesses, and neighborhood stakeholders. This would also likely result in simplified permitting by eliminating the need for equivocal interpretation of tortuous amendments to the old (current) code.