A respected University of Texas study has found that Austin is the only high-growth city that is losing African Americans, both in terms of numbers and percentage of the total population. Do you consider this a problem? If so, what would you do to reverse or stabilize the decline?

Susana Almanza

City Council, District 3


I consider it a crisis! Austin is just beginning to address its racist policies that has led to the displacement of the African American community and presently the Mexican American community.  It has used racist tools such as eminent domain, redlining, land use zoning policies, and slum and blight reports to displace communities of color. It has failed to invest in small business & cultural assets.  It continues to promote policies that promote high density development that is unaffordable to people of color who have lived here for decades. It has used the police department as a tool to harass and imprison people of color.  Its schools have disproportionately disciplined children of color and has failed to provide superior quality education. It has created a prison to pipeline system for youth.