How would you address the issue of declining enrollment in Austin’s schools and bridge the achievement gap across AISD?

Steve Adler


We need to support all the school districts that are in the City (and in the region).

  • Fight for more state funding and real school finance reform so that we change the status quo where the State hidden property tax (recapture) is responsible for 72% of all property tax increases over the last six years.
  • I’m proud the new 10/1 Council stepped forward to help fund teacher support specialists and after-school programs in AISD.
  • I’m proud the new 10/1 Council bid on and is working with AISD to make AISD property available for affordable housing.
  • The City should continue its work to create more income restricted family housing available all over the city, including in areas where enrollment in public schools is declining.
  • We also help with achievement gaps by making sure that we train and match more people who live in Austin for the available middle skill jobs.