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Rising property taxes are a growing concern. There are a number of people who believe taxes are high because the city provides not only essential city services (police, fire, etc.) but non-essential services (social service contracts, education funding, etc.) If elected, how would you prioritize what is or is not an essential city service?

Steve Adler


Social services, health and human services, education, etc., are all essential services. Just like affordable housing is city infrastructure. The 10/1 Council’s two highest priorities are homelessness and affordable housing.

Rising property taxes are a concern, but that is largely because of the state’s abdication to provide funding for education. The State Property Tax has gone up 288% in five years and is responsible for 72% of the total tax increase people are feeling over the last five years. The state now collects more property tax from AISD residents than the city does. That’s not right and it’s not equitable. That share of property tax will continue rising and the state will continue to blame cities instead of their own failure. We need change at the Legislature, and that’s why I’m fighting to elect so many Democrats throughout the state.

Social service contracts and education spending are just as essential to the success of our city as are parks, libraries, and public safety. Those are my values and I’ll continue to put money toward them.