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How will you coordinate with regional partners to meaningfully address our increasing traffic level? What is your long-term vision for addressing traffic in Austin, and what would be the immediate first actions you would champion as a City Council Member to address the crisis?

Steve Adler


We need a regional vision for mass transit, and we need to do more to get people viable, efficient and cost-effective choices to get out of their cars. On October 1, a new regional plan for mass transit that has been years in preparation with significant community engagement (Project Connect) will be laid out as a beginning point to begin an 18-month public discussion and improvement process. It will focus attention on the need for dedicated pathways so as to get mass transit out of automobile congestion. Shortly thereafter, the City will lay out its Strategic Mobility Plan — coordinated with the Project Connect plan and the implementation of the 2016 $720M Mobility Bond. CAMPO is acting with greater regional consensus as new coalitions develop with the growth of other regional cities and increased urbanization in the region. And Senator Watson is fulling engaged, as is the Chamber, leading and working with State leadership to try to maintain the funding vehicles necessary for us to construct additional demand managed lanes on I-35. I have recently been elected as Vice Chair of the CAMPO board recognizing this new alignment. All this is pointing to the possibility of having a regional mass transit bond election in 2020 and I will be working immediately to help champion this forward movement.