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Which bond Propositions on the November 2018 ballot do you support or not support? Check each that you support. Briefly explain your position.

Steve Adler


Prop A

Prop B

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Prop I

I support all of the bond propositions as they represent much-needed investments in our community because they: Prop A = Affordable Housing is among the highest priorities of the city and this proposition represents responding at a scale relative to the size of the challenge we face. It is four times larger than anything we’ve bee able to do in the past. It would significantly allow us to buy property ahead of property value increases, provide rental housing support, facilitate home ownership, and contribute to people’s ability to stay in place by enhancing home repair programs. Prop B = The bond will save by relocating the Dougherty Art Facility, used by many but in need of significant maintenance that won’t be done because the facility is in the floodplain. It will provide historic levels of support for creative spaces that, in a gentrifying city, are becoming scarce. It will enable significant investment, especially for the MACC, in cultural centers that are community hubs. Prop C = The bond represents much needed pool maintenance and pool creation in a dramatically underserved Colony Park community. Also park maintenance, infrastructure and the launching of new park opportunities (like Guerrero and Trevino). Importantly, new investments in open space and parklands. Prop D = We need to take people out of harm’s way in one of the most flash flood prone areas in the world. This prop also renews our community’s cultural imperative to significantly invest in open space to ensure water quality. Prop E = This is the proposition where our city steps up to affirm “equity” as a statement of who we are. Prop F = This is to provide our first responders with much needed maintenance so they have better working conditions. Prop G = The transportation bond two years ago will move us forward with new layouts on our most trafficked local roads to increase thru-put and safety. But it did not address needed maintenance and capital improvements that must be funded before the fixes cost us more in the future.