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As you know, the City unsuccessfully tried to change the code, what do you believe needs to be done differently to achieve a better code? Will you support working to revise the land development code to provide and allow for predictability and deep affordability? (Y/N; Explain)

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3


  1. Examine a thorough post mortem of CodeNext Process as likely guided by City Manager ensure that future process is guided by recommendations from the same
  2. Locate and develop best-practice models for stakeholder engagement–particularly within this context, and ensure that the community engagement element of the process id refined and front-loaded for success
  3. Involve stakeholders in establishment of metrics for success (e.g. what are the qualities of a successful compromise, and how do we measure those indicators to demonstrate a successful compromise?).
  4. Operate from the paradigm that code can create a framework for affordability, but ultimately policy and fiat are the strongest tools to “create” affordability
  5. Recognizing the above point (i.e. interim remedies available through policy), honor patience in the process.
  6. Like many, I’d like to see the land development code expediently (though not rushed) redeveloped to create additional frameworks for density (e.g. ADU’s, multifamily) where appropriate and sanctioned by local residents, businesses, and neighborhood stakeholders. This would also likely result in simplified permitting by eliminating the need for equivocal interpretation of tortuous amendments to the old (current) code”