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How would you encourage large employers and private sector partners in Austin to contribute to the provision of affordable housing for their workers and the industries serving them?

Amit Motwani

City Council, District 3

  • Cost benefit analyses and case studies of Employer Housing Assistance (EHA) must be
    (re)packaged and communicated to employers; potential avenues might include:

    • Professional associations (e.g. HR/HC associations, local chambers
    • One-on-one meetings with progressive and motivated CEO’s.
    • Bringing in executives and leaders who’ve implemented these models successfully (e.g.
      as depicted in the above refernces)with high demonstrable yield to speak to the above.
  • If/When compelled, potential avenues for EHA’s comprise of
    • Demand Side Support (more immediately actionable) : Direct Financial assistance support might

      • Forgivable loans for down payment assistance down payment and reduce turnover
      • Partnerships with CDFI’s to provide access to low interest loans, financial and credit
        counseling and support
  • Supply Side Support (might require far more creativity): creating/leveraging partnerships with
    Nonprofits and Technical Assistance groups to potentially use property to develop community
    land trusts or apply other financial resources to support developers in establishment of
    reasonable-cost to affordable housing options.
  • All EHA support should demonstrate a heavier focus on lower wage staff, i.e. lower MFI
    households and potentially might also engage non-employee low-MFI residents.